Artis Accounting & Finance: Salary Survey

At Artis, we provide up-to-date market insight and expert knowledge on your sector. Here we offer our view of the Accounting & Finance market, covering permanent and Interim rates across the South West, London and the Midlands.


The first positive to mention is that despite a turbulent environment, all our data and metrics point towards a busier and more positive recruitment market in 2017. Recruitment for highly skilled professionals has not diminished. Increased workloads, change management projects and industry changes mean that businesses are looking for professionals who can manage fluctuations in work patterns while continuing to deliver added value through flexibility and greater productivity. Within many of the vertical markets there has been growth driven by consumer confidence and consumer spending with most clients still investing in their e-commerce capabilities.

There are a few anomalies, with recruitment into Oil & Gas taking a hit due to uncertainties of future projects and regulations, as well as hiring freezes across some areas of financial services post the Brexit Vote. Having said that, change management projects, especially within the financial services industry is likely to increase in headcount in 2017. The biggest challenge that our clients face in this market is the battle for talent. The increased demand has not yet matched the supply of candidates, and we anticipate that this will continue throughout 2017.

We have seen companies become much more aggressive with counter offers to candidates looking to leave their organisations, with offers of pay rises and promotions. In some instances, this has affected the time it takes to hire. The best candidates will have multiple opportunities to consider and the hiring process can be prolonged. To tackle this some clients have opted for putting an offer out after a first stage interview to make sure they get their preferred candidate. Overall, it has been a while since we have seen this number of large scale projects being actioned, projects such as system implementations, exploring new markets and acquisitions – this all points to a buoyant employment market in the Finance and Accounting world.

Our Clients

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  • EDF Energy
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